Lifesized Digimon plushies

 Pillow Pals Gomamon.jpg

 This is one of my life sized Gomamon plushies. I got him in a perfect condition with the original tag. He is one of the 'Pillowtime Pals' and super soft and cuddly. :D That is why he is my favorite Gomamon plush...Once in your arms you cant stop cuddle him. He measures about 24".
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This is the huge super cute awesome adorable Gomamon plush NoxxBunny has made for me. Gomamon is my favorite Digimon so I asked her to make one for me and that's it. I love that Gomamon!! He measures about 18"!!
(Check out NoxxBunny on Deviant Art! ^^)

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This is my giant Gomamon plush. I find him fairly cute, but not very realistic, that's why I asked someone to make another lifesized Gomamon. He is finished now and looks just perfect. I will probably put a photo in here, as soon as he arrives. ;) That Gomamon is about 16" in lenght.





This is my giant Gabumon which I really fell in love with - although it has been very hard work to get him into a good condition. I bought him on ebay, together with lots of other Digimon plush. The seller claimed that they were in a very good condition, but as soon as they arrived I noticed that they were very dirty and smelled horrible. I didn't give up and got poor Gabumon pretty clean and beautiful. =)
Gabumon is about 22" high.






Here you can see my lifesized Patamon plush. Except of the feet being orange instead of black, I find him very realistic. And of course he's super cute! ^^ He measures about 22" in lenght and has a wing spread of about 40"!
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Pillowtime Pals Patamon Collage.jpg

Another giant Patamon plushie. It is the Patamon out of the 'Pillowtime Pals' series. He measures about 22".




This is my giant Biyomon plushie. She is about 22" in height.
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This is my lifesized Agumon plush. As you can see he is very angry - I think it is because Biyomon fell in love with Gabumon. :P
Anyway, I like him very much. I got him on ebay classifieds for only $2! He is about 22" high.



Pillowtime Pals Agumon.JPG

 This is my second life sized Agumon plush doll. It is the 'Pillowtime Pals' version of Agumon and about 22" in height.