Hello! My name is Amy and in our little group I am the DigiDestined of Light. ;)


When Pokémon and Digimon got popular here in Germany, I was about 11 years old and became a big fan of the series, trading card games, videogames, figures and most of plushies quickly. Ever since Pokémon and Digimon plushies appeared, my greatest desire was to own them. Things didn‘t change until today, even though I‘m grown now. Just like I felt connected to the crest of light since my childhood, my friend felt beholden to the crest of hope from the beginning.


Soon we noticed that we had a deep wish to meet other Digimon fans. People who are feeling connected to a certain crest - just like we do, who are also wishing to have contact to other „DigiDestined“ and show themselves to the world using the internet. So DigiCrests.com was born.


This is my part of this website, which is dedicated to my crest – the crest of Light. I want to show you my greatest hobbies: my collection of Digimon and Pokémon plushies, some fan art and some of my favorite pc games. =)